Welcome to Argentina, to La Casa Argentina!

As soon as you enter, you will instantly find yourself in another world. Imbibing the atmosphere, all your senses will perceive the scent of times which, though long gone by, remain completely bewitching. The aroma of a sea port in the La Bocca quarter; the salty aroma of rugged seamen and the intoxicating aroma of beautiful women. The sound of the bandoneón will pulsate in your body, your ears will hear the melancholic melody and you will start to sway to the rhythm of the seductive Argentine tango along with everyone else. But with just a few more steps, you will suddenly find yourself in the Salon Iguaza amongst waterfalls and live iguanas in virgin Argentinean countryside. And a few metres further, accompanied by Latin-American rhythms, you will almost feel like taking your shoes off and letting the salty water clean your feet. That is how real the atmosphere of the Salon Isla feels, dominated by its imposing coral bar. And if you fancy a swig of quality rum, then get onboard the old ship anchored right in the Salon Puerto La Boca and we have opened a new Salon Mendoza where you can enjoy a glass of real Argentinean wine.

Beef steaks from Argentine bulls

Beef steaks using the highest quality meat of Argentine bulls are, naturally, the main culinary attraction. Their superb taste reflects the free and natural raising of the animals on the Pampas and their particularly humane method of slaughter. And the preparation of the steaks on a ‘parrilla’ open grill, which reduces the amount of fat dripping from the meat and subsequent burning, further accentuating their unique taste. La Casa Argentina isn’t just about great steaks, it prepares also dishes from fresh fish, seafood and tasty vegetable salads, whose menu is regularly added to each summer. The perfectly balanced taste of our food goes well accompanied by one of our selection of Argentine wines or wines of other quality winemakers around the world.

Grill restaurant and cocktail bar

Another reason to visit our unique grill restaurant and cocktail bar is without doubt our range of fantastic cocktails, prepared by the skilled hands of our own barmen, who keep abreast of global trends, which are currently seeing a return to cocktails offering harmony and a balance of tastes, such as Martini cocktails.

You will also find a wealth of quality rum and other spirit brands to choose from. And the whole experience can be made sublime with the taste of the best Cuban cigars which our sommelier will serve you in style right at your table.


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