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Argentine beef is considered to be the best quality beef in the world. There are many factors which contribute to its high quality. Among the most important of these include careful breeding, the way that animals are raised, the way that the meat is butchered and its final preparation. Among the best known breeds raised in Argentina are the ABRDEEN ANGUS, originally from Scotland, the HEREFORD and the SHORTHORN.


An additional factor is that the meat is butchered at a young age, at most one and a half to two years of age. It is also very important that the animals are allowed to graze freely in areas with PAMPA, which have the optimum conditions for their healthy growth. The butchering of the meat is done in a way that ensures that the animal is not under any stress, which guarantees that the meat won‘t be negatively influenced in terms of its consistency or taste.


Selection of meat



1 ? round picanha tapa de cuadril
2 ? striploin contra file bife angosto
3 ? tenderloin file mignon lomo
4 ? flank bife de vazio bife de vacio
5 ? rib eye ponta de contra file bife ancho
6 ? matambre matambre matambre


Rare - quickly grilled, raw imide

Medium - medium done, pink imide

Well done - Well done, without blood


Specialties from our grill











Shrimp skewer

steaks cooking time to 40 minutes



 Pepper sauce
Mayonnaise á la Béarnaise
Chimichurri salsa
Salsa Habanero



 Grilled corn on the cob
Baked potato with chive sour cream
French frites
Garlic baguette
Grilled vegetables
Green beans roasted on bacon and garlic